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My current research interests focus on law enforcement officers, fire fighters, and other first responders as well as on veterans who have sustained traumatic brain injury (TBI), post concussive syndrome (PCS), and catastrophic injury (CI) in the line of duty in the United States. Due to the extreme impact of these injuries on family units, my research also focuses on the caregivers providing care for this population in the areas of hope research, caregiver supports, and caregiver interventions. My research is in response to disparities in healthcare and interventions/services for the underserved and unserved population of first responders and their caregivers. Research interests also include investigating the prevalence of TBI and concussion among the first responder population in the United States where current data is nonexistent with the hopes of moving forward the agenda for ongoing monitoring of these injuries to meet the needs of this underserved population. First responders sacrifice their lives to protect and serve the United States domestically each and every day and they deserve our best efforts and supports as do those providing their daily care after injury. My professional experience through research and with non-profits focusing on injured law enforcement officers, fire fighters, and veterans and their caregivers and my experience as a previous owner of a North Carolina licensed community respite health care facility, as a certified nursing assistant, certified health care life coach, certified counselor, previous volunteer fire fighter, previously certified emergency medical technician, and as a caregiver providing care for my husband who sustained a brain injury in the line of duty guides my passion for this research. My background includes a wide variety of education, non-profit, health care, life coaching, counseling, caregiving, and ministry experience​

The following books are available on Amazon.com:

Reyna's TBI/CI Family Caregiver Care Models: Providing Care After Traumatic Brain Injury and/or Catastrophic Injury

Reyna's Off-Planet TBI/CI Experience Model: Experiences After Traumatic Brain Injury and/or Catastrophic Injury

Reyna's After Injury Perceptions Models: The Why, The Effects, and Repair of "Better Off Dead" Perceptions After Injury

Self Help Strategies to Survive When Your Spouse Has Brain Injury, Dementia, or Some Other Awful Thing That Has Taken Over Your Life

Caregiving Without Going Crazy

Fight the Giant Not the Journey When Your Life Takes a Detour Down an Unexpected Path

Doing Nothing is an Option But It's Not the Right One

When the World Won't Stop Spinning Encouragement to Pull You Through

Caregiving Alone When People You Think Should Help Don't

Suicide Help Now: Through a Mother's Love