‚ÄčOperation Homeland Honor.

Thank you!

Greg and Casey

For volunteering as a safety! 

Special thanks to cody hodgson for the awesome bike helmet!


Thank you!

Axton Brother's racing & Thomas A. Giannettino!

We are blessed to be on the side of a Race Car with Axton Brother's Racing!

Thank You!

Faith Worship & Healing Center Family!

For your support!

Thank You!

Lost Without Jesus Ministries...

For your support!

Thank you!

James Brown

For volunteering your time to be Humberto's safety!  He could not do this without you at his side! 

Thank you...

For creating mobility an independence for people with disabilities!




A special thank you for our logo

goes to:

Prison City Graphics &

Thomas A. Giannettino  Thank you!